Patio Furniture

Your yard, deck or patio becomes an extension of your home’s living space when you add comfortable, attractive tables and chairs.

Outdoor furniture gets exposed to heat, sun, rain and possibly even snow, so it’s built with weather-resistance in mind. However, the quality of the pieces will determine how well they will stand up to the elements. Here are some tips to consider when buying a new patio set for your home.

How Many People Will be Using It?

Will you be hosting big parties for large groups, or will it just be your family of four hanging out poolside? Stackable chairs are a great option for adding seating when you need it, and sectionals and ottomans can be configured to maximize the space for your guests.

How Much Space Do You Have?

You’ll want to match the scale of your furniture to the size of the space. A small patio would be best suited by a bistro set or conversation set consisting of chairs and end tables. A large deck, however, may have space for a sectional and a dining set or bar.

Does the Furniture Suit Your Home’s Style?

One of the benefits of outdoor furniture is the ability to create nearly any style you wish. Chose colors and styles that complement the rooms inside your home, whether it’s traditional, modern, or even rustic.


Most patio furniture is made from wood, wicker, resin or metal. Higher-priced woods like cedar and teak are durable but require regular staining or sealing. Wicker furniture can start to sag over time, particularly when exposed to moisture, but resin-coated woven styles offer the same look in a more durable material. Metal furniture is usually made from steel, aluminum or wrought iron, and will require paint touch-ups to protect it from the elements.


Depending on the frame material you choose, your furniture may be painted, sealed, or left to age naturally.


Look for materials like cotton blends or ones coated with PVC that are washable, waterproof, and made to resist mildew and fading. Just as with indoor furniture, a thicker cushion will provide more comfort when sitting on a hard chair surface.

Caring for Patio Furniture

Proper maintenance and cleaning will help your outdoor furniture last longer and look better. During spring and summer, a monthly rinse with water should keep it clear of dirt and debris. After a big storm or in the fall, use a sponge and mild soap to give each piece a good scrub. Be sure to let it dry before putting the cushions back on.

Winter Storage

Patio furniture is built to withstand moisture, head, and UV rays, but ice and snow can cause damage that will shorten the lifespan of your pieces. Protect your investment by storing your furniture indoors during the winter, or wrapping with a quality cover made for storing outdoor furniture. This will help keep the frame from cracking and peeling.