Home bars are a great way to entertain family, friends and guests. We offer quality-built bars for your rec room, game room, outdoor space or wherever you do your entertaining.

Our home bars will look great and compliment any space. We offer a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate your needs. We also offer a wide range of well-made, comfortable bar stools to go with your new bar that match any style you like.

When choosing a bar, there are a few space requirements to consider. Home bars are typically 42” in height, vary in length and need to be installed as close to existing water lines as possible. It will also need to be installed in a room large enough where there is adequate space to walk around it without running into walls or other furniture.

Home bars usually come with built-in wood cabinets for utensils, glassware and wine racks. Freestanding bars have all the items found in a commercial bar, only compacted into a smaller space.

Freestanding bars can also be sold as back bars with a backer mirror that enhances the look and style of your bar. The back bar may sometimes be sold separately or as part of a set.

Along with your home bar you’ll need a complete set of glassware, including: wine glasses, pint glasses, shot glasses, rocks glasses, a shaker, a good corkscrew, strainer, jigger and bottle opener. These accessories will ensure you’ll have the tools to properly fix any drink that is requested.

You’ll need to keep your bar well stocked with a full selection of fine liquors and it’s also a good idea to include a refrigerator in your room plans for mixers and other cold items.
If you have questions or would like to see a selection of the bars we have available, come visit us in our downtown Wichita showroom or call us at 316-262-3539.