Pub and Poker Tables

Poker and card-game tables come in a one or two pedestal design or a folding four-legged design. The pedestal design does not fold up and has a thick center base that holds up the table top and fans out at the bottom for sturdiness and support. The four-legged variety has four thin legs at the corner that fold up for easy storage and allow four or more players to be seated.

Space and Shape

Before choosing a table you’ll need to know how much space is available in the room you want to play. You will need to measure to make sure there is adequate space around the table for players to sit and move around the room freely.

Tables will come in either an oval, octagon or round shape. Oval tables are designed to fit as many players as possible with a dealer in the middle, as seen in most casinos.

Round and octagon tables aren’t as common, but are more versatile. They can’t typically fit as many players as oval tables, but they also take up significantly less space than oval tables. In games where the dealer button is passed from player to player, round or octagon tables make the act of dealing cards much easier than having to deal cards all the way across an 8-foot oval table.


The table will have a soft velveteen, felt or micro suede top playing surface. This material can be selected in a variety of colors on most models, but green is the most popular. The table will also usually come equipped to have a set of drink holders around the outside top padded rail armrest for each player position.


The next thing to consider is the durability of the table. More expensive tables are typically more durable, but the durability factor will depend on how often the table is used, how often it is moved and how it is treated while stored and while in use. How often you use your table will determine how durable you need it to be.

Tables can also be customized to your specifications with added graphics, materials and other options. If you’re considering a new poker table for your home, come visit us in our downtown Wichita showroom or give us a call at 316-262-3539.