Spas and Chemicals

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Buying a hot tub or spa is a great way to bring a relaxing getaway into your home. There is a negligible difference between what is considered a spa and a hot tub, and the names are often used interchangeably. Typically in a hot tub warm water shoots through jets from under and around the seats while in a spa the jets shoot water directly up through the floor and seats.


Spas and hot tubs are usually in a perfect square frame and are around 40” high with four sides ranging from 82” – 92” each. They will have molded plastic seats to maximize comfort with jets positioned around the seats to sooth sore muscles.

When buying a spa for your home you’ll need to consider how many people you’ll want to fit in at one time, which will inform your choice on what size to get. The seats can either put you more fully immersed in the water or will be a bit higher up allowing the upper half of the torso to be out of the water.

hot tubs and spas Some hot tubs and spas are made to be permanent fixtures in a house and can add to the home’s resale value, and others are designed for easy transport if you ever move and want to take it with you.

Water Jets

The next thing to consider is the number and placement of the water jets in the hot tub. Make sure that each seat comes with an ample amount of jets to get water pressure where you need it most. If you have foot pain, you’ll need jets around the floor, and jets around the edges for back pain etc.


Additional options make owning a hot tub a more pleasant experience. Everything from steps, lighting, covers to drink holders, sound systems, waterfalls and chromatherapy can make your hot tub an even better place to be.


Maintaining your hot tub requires a bit of work, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you buy. Outdoor tubs should be cleaned more often than indoor tubs. Use a soft-bristle brush to clean the edges and sides. You will need to check the pH level of the water after cleaning as well.

We have expert knowledge in caring for and maintaining spas and hot tubs at Chilton. If you’re interested in a new hot tub or spa for your home, come visit us in our downtown Wichita showroom or give us a call at 316-262-3539.