Table Games

If you’re looking for a foosball, ping pong, mini hoops, domed hockey or air hockey table that is better than what you’ll find at a typical retail box store, look no further than Chilton Billiards. We have quality tables that will look great in your home and provide your family and friends hours of entertainment for years.

Foosball Tables

Foosball tables are usually made of either solid wood or a composite. Cheaper wood or particle board tables weighing less than 70 pounds will not last as long and can warp over time due to absorption of moisture and weakening material.

Foosball tables need to be at least an inch thick and have steel rods. Higher-end table will have lighter hollow steel rods for faster play. The standard size table is 30”x56” and the typical room size will need to be at least 7’x8’ to accommodate a table for game play.

Ping Pong – Table Tennis Tables

Ping pong tables (or table tennis if you prefer) are commonly made of Masonite covered in a low-friction coating for the ball to bounce freely over the surface. Quality tables should be at least ¾ to an inch thick, or will otherwise be susceptible to warping.

Regulation tables are 9’ long, 5’ wide and 30” high with the net should standing 6” from the table with a surface of green or blue and should be perfectly level. A room will need to be around 20’-25’ long and at least 10’ wide to accommodate a table. Low-hanging ceilings or light fixtures can also inhibit game play.

Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey is a fun, fast-paced game for people of all ages. Standard tables are 8’ and puck sizes can vary from 2.5”- 3.25” in diameter, though the cheaper tables using smaller pucks will usually fly off very easily interrupting game play and creating a dangerous situation for players and onlookers.

Strong air flow is an important factor in choosing an air hockey table. Cheaper tables with weak or inconsistent air flow won’t be as fun to use and the puck will get stuck on the table rather than flowing over it smoothly.

If you’re thinking about adding a table game to your home, come see us at our showroom in downtown Wichita or give us a call at 316-262-3539.